About the Bagley & Brazeau Joyriders

We are a member of the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs (AWSC). The AWSC provides many services to our club and over 600 other clubs throughout the state of Wisconsin. Our club is located in south-eastern Oconto County and we maintain over 98 miles of groomed trails in both Oconto County as well as extending into Marinette County. Our trail system runs north to south from the White Potato Lake area to the Suring/Kelly Lake/Lee Lake area, and east to west from Coleman to Chute Pond. We cover the townships of Bagley, Brazeau, Maple Valley and Suring. Our club members volunteer hundreds of hours each year so that our trails maintain their pristine condition. Other members dedicate their time to maintaining our equipment, while club officers spend countless hours keeping the club organized and functional. Our club meetings are held once a month from September through April at our various sponsoring taverns and restaurants. Work aside, of course we like to play. The Joyriders have a variety of club events during the year. If you are looking for a snowmobile club to join, we would be happy to have you as a club member. For more information about our club or trails please contact us. And please, help support our club by staying on the marked trails so that we can continue to enjoy a network of trails through public and private land.

Club History

The Bagley and Brazeau Joyriders (formerly the Bag and Bra Joyriders), started it's existence very humbly, as most snowmobile clubs did. The Club was formed in 1970 by a bunch of people that has a common love, snowmobiling. In the 1987-88 season, the club not only became incorporated, but also became a member of the AWSC. Throughout the years our trail system has been upgraded from simple non-groomed winding trails through the trees, to the 98 miles of beautifully wide trails that we have today. We are standing on the shoulders of the members before us that setup the initial trail system by cutting down trees and brush to maintain the path for us to ride on. The efforts of the founding members, like our first president "Chubs", will not be forgotten. They started getting the "right of way" permissions that so many snowmobilers now take for granted by negotiating a deal with the land owners. We continue the tradition of negotiating with the local land owners, many that are still from the original "right of way" agreements back in the early 70's, to bring you the best possible trail system that we can. Now we also protect the land owners legally to make sure that there is no liability to them in case of a snowmobile related incident. About 20 or so years ago the club purchased its first groomer. This tractor was a private purchase, by a couple of our members, so that the club could make our trails nicer. This small tractor was a huge step in the right direction. Today, we lease a large John Deere tractor and have a drag that is specifically designed for our type of trails.