Be Prepared

Don't get caught without them. Click the link and download a map to print off and keep with you.

Be Safe

Know how the trails are before you hit the trails. Click through to plan ahead.

Become a Member

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Remember the Landowner Appreciation Dinner  is on April 8 at 6:00PM Holiday Inn, Kelly Lake, WI.

We changed the meeting date to April 9  9:00AM Club Building


I want to let you know that we put out the trail report on Wednesday night after the groomer drivers are back.  Two phone calls later we write the trail report for the club also we send it out to Oconto and Marinette County.  If the trails change before Friday night we can only change this site.  I cannot change the trail report when I'm riding the trails.

Our club has spend over 500 hours this fall to make these trail safer for everyone to enjoy.  Please remember that these trails are hard to keep and maintain.  Stay on the trails, do not go off the trails.  The landowners allow us to use their property so please respect the use of the land. 


Trail Boss