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The snowmobile meeting is cancelled for 4/14/2018 because of the snow storm believe it or not.

The meeting will be at 9:00AM next Sat 4/21/2018 at Lee lake bar






Special Notice Annual Club Event

Bagley & Brazeau Joyriders  Landowner Appreciation Dinner

Fund Raiser for the Brazeau Rescue Squad

Friday April 6, 2018

Location:  Holiday Inn on Kelly Lake

Time:  6:00 pm Cocktails 7:00 Dinner

Dinner:  Family Style

Tenderloin Tips, Chicken, & Fish

Cost Per Person $20.00

Public is Invited

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Roy Lawrenz  920-897-2499 or e-mail to




ALL OCONTO COUNTY SNOWMOBILE TRAILS WILL CLOSE 11:59pm Monday, March 12, 2018. We want to thank you for riding our trails this year. Even though we had a light snow year, we tried to keep the trails open, so you could enjoy them. This also helped you get out to ride other trails in the County.



Read new trail report we closed a small part of the trail.



Trails are RE OPENED as of 4 pm today 3/6/18

7 inches as of 2:30 PM of heavy wet fresh snow has accumulated, snow is still falling could be 1 to 2" more. watch out for water on the trails. We think the trails will be good through the weekend. We will be grooming all day tomorrow with both groomers. The groomers will be focusing on the BBjoyriders trails west of Parkway and all the way north to hwy W. Be careful while riding and watch out for the groomers!!

Ride safe and have fun!




Hi all we need to close the trails, the 45 to 50 degrees did not help at all and no snow for the last 3 weeks. Just maybe we will get snow next week and can open back up.




I would like to have better news but the trails are not good to ride right now, but maybe Saturday, Check out the trail report. Thank you for riding Bagley & Brazeau Joyriders trails this year.


Personally, I would lilke to  thank  one of our club members for letting me use his battery,  A few of us took a ride Saturday and after we stopped to take a break, I went to restart my snowmobile and it didn't start. Dead battery.  Some snowmobiles are unable to start or run without a battery. Mine is one of them.  I was out in the middle of no where and no go.  Another group was taking a break and some of the guys are club members.  One of them donated his battery for me to use to get back home.  How great that was.  Thanks again for your help.  I was dead in the snow and he saved me. 

This week the groomers have been out grooming the trails. No snow fell so far this week maybe a little will fall Thursday evening. As of today, the trails that are in  the woods are in good to very good condition.  Some of the fields are getting thin of snow but others are still in good condition.  The Klondike trail and north to White Potato Lake are getting bare in some areas.  The trail from 407 to Suring is also getting thin.  As I reported last week the Suring golf course will not be groomed for the rest of the season.  Loggers maybe logging between 425 and 429, which is the Butler Springs area. Cooley Lake area also may have some logging as well.


Our trails are good to very good condition. There are some areas that the trails are in excellent condition.    We received between 5 to 9" of snow on Saturday with the largest amount north of Hwy 64.   There are two areas on our east trail system, east of 419 and near 441 that are a little bare because of snow blowing off the trails.  The golf course in Suring will not be groomed the rest of this season due to landowners request.  After leaving the golf course the rest of the trail is groomed.  We have groomed the trails Monday and Tuesday of this week.   They will also be going out all day Friday.  Please be aware that they will be out on the trails.

On a snowy, Saturday, February 3rd, our club went on a 120 mile ride.  We had 21 members, riding through our county.   We had a great ride and we also stopped for lunch at Waubee Lodge.  After getting back from our ride we had a another great time at the Holiday Inn on Kelly Lake.  It was an enjoyable day had by all.  Lets do it again next year.



The trails are getting better for the club ride, we are up to 14 riders for the ride and more signing up. If it snows it will be fun riding the trails.See you on the trails.

We received 2 plus " of snow Wednesday. The groomers went out after the snow stopped and also will be going out Thursday The drivers think the trails will be in good condition for the weekend. The cold weather will help keep the trail in good shape. The weather men think we will be getting more snow for the weekend.




The Trails have many trees across the trails from the wet heavy snow the drivers had to cut out the trees before they could groom. We received 4 to 5 " of wet heavy snow during the snowstorm.  The groomer drivers went out Wednesday and Thursday.  the groomer drivers said the trails are in very good condition.  The warmer weather coming on Friday may deteriorate the trails.  Hopefully they will last through the weekend.  




We took a small ride on our snowmobile trails Saturday morning to check on trail conditions.  We had found that the wooded trails are good to fair condition.  Some of the fields were getting thin of snow.  After our ride we decieded to do some maintenance on the trails.  We worked in the area west of Kelly Lake by the Sanitary area.  We removed tree stumps with our stump grinder and removed a few more trees that were leaning into the trail.  We worked all afternoon to make the trail safer.  A few areas still need a little more work. 

There was also another team of people working on the trail next to Old 64, the last two weekends.  They were making the trail wider to keep us farther away from the roadway. 

If interested in seeing some of the improvements that we made this weekend, check the photos in trail work 2017-18.

Thanks to everyone who continue to help make our trails safer and more enjoyable to ride.  Bring on the SNOW, please.



Our trails did receive about 4" of snow. The groomers were out Tuesday &  Wednesday.   The conditions are fair on most of the trails and good  in some spots.  If the weather conditions for the weekend get warm, this could impact the trails quickly.   If anyone had ridden the trails two weeks ago the conditions as of now have improved somewhat from that time. 



January 7, 2018

We had our snowmobile meeting Saturday morning.  There were good discussions about our trails and the up coming season.  We talked about a very large tree that needed to be cut down due to the safety of it.  After the meeting five of us went to the area, which was near the Indian Trail Road, north of White Potato, and removed it.  I posted the pictures of the tree on this site..  If you are interested in seeing  pictures or video of the trails this weekend please view on our facebook page.

We rode the Bag & Bra Snowmobile trails on Saturday and Sunday.  I would say the trails were in fair to good condition in some areas.  There are some trails that still need to be groomed.  We hope to have them all groomed by the end of the week, if snow conditions improve  We do have a great snow base already, with a few more inches of snow, we will have a great trail system.  In our opionion the trails north of our trails are in poor condition, very brown. All other trails around ours are not groomed or are closed due to the lack of snow. 

The marsh west of White Potato Lake, trail # 433 to 437, has high marsh grass but it does have enough snow under the grass to ride on.  It looks worse than it is. 




The trails will open 12/29/2017 Friday 8:00AM

The trails are from fair to poor with 5 to 7”of snow. The trails in the woods are the best area to ride. The groomers have been out two days and will be out Friday also. Be sure to watch for the groomers on the trails. The marshes and wet areas need to freeze up more before they can get  groomed  Remember the groomers are 10,000 lbs and snowmobles are between 400 to 600 lbs. Can you help us out when you ride in the areas not groomed? Please help by packing down the outside edges of the trails, try not to just stay in the middle of it; this will help freeze them up. We do not know the condition of the Lakes so I would not ride on them at all.





Time to start preparing for the snowmobile season. 

To let everyone know, the trails still need to have more work done this weekend due to wind damage areas before they can be opened.  The marshes and wet areas need time to freeze up harder.  Kelly Lake was still 1/2 open on 12-9-2017 and other lakes as well.   We did receive 10 to 12" of snow this last snowfall.  We have not done any grooming at this time.  We plan to have the groomers out soon.  We will inform you when the trails are open, check  this website, facebook or the Oconto County website.  The whole county is not open to snowmobilers at this time.  

Remember to get your trail passes.   


Hi All it's time to start getting the snowmobiles and trails ready. We have been working on the trails, clearing and brushing. We also made a change on the trail going to Suring and the Pipeline. We moved the trail to the north this year so we will cross Hwy Z and do not have to run next to it, crossing the bridge and then the highway. This is all due to a great landowner who helped us move the trail, which will make it a safer trail to use. We will be putting up the signs very soon so if you would like to help sign let us know. We have about 1000 more signs to put up. If you are trying to down load a map from this web site we are having a problem getting it to work this year so please stay tuned we are working on it.