Trail Report - good

Date of Report: 

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Trail Conditions: 





We received 2 plus " of snow Wednesday. The groomers went out after the snow stopped and also will be going out Thursday The drivers think the trails will be in good condition for the weekend. The cold weather will help keep the trail in good shape. The weather men think we will be getting more snow for the weekend.




We received 4 to 5 " of wet heavy snow during the snowstorm.  The groomer drivers went out Wednesday and Thursday.  the groomer drivers said the trails are in very good condition.  The warmer weather coming on Friday may deteriorate the trails.  Hopefully they will last through the weekend.  




Our trails did receive about 4" of snow. The groomers were out Tuesday &  Wednesday.   The conditions are fair on most of the trails and good  in some spots.  If the weather conditions for the weekend get warm, this could impact the trails quickly.   If anyone had ridden the trails two weeks ago the conditions as of now have improved somewhat from that time. 


January 7, 2018

We rode the Bag & Bra Snowmobile trails on Saturday and Sunday.  I would say the trails were in fair to good condition in some areas.  There are some trails that still need to be groomed.  We hope to have them all groomed by the end of the week, if snow conditions improve  We do have a great snow base already, with a few more inches of snow, we will have a great trail system.  In our opionion the trails north of our trails are in poor condition, very brown. All other trails around ours are not groomed or are closed due to the lack of snow. 

The marsh west of White Potato Lake, trail # 433 to 437, has high marsh grass but it does have enough snow under the grass to ride on.  It looks worse than it is. 





The trails will open 12/29/2017 Friday 8:00AM

The trails are from fair to poor with 5 to 7”of snow. The trails in the woods are the best area to ride. The groomers have been out two days and will be out Friday also. Be sure to watch for the groomers on the trails. The marshes and wet areas need to freeze up more before they can get  groomed  Remember the groomers are 10,000 lbs and snowmobles are between 400 to 600 lbs. Can you help us out when you ride in the areas not groomed? Please help by packing down the outside edges of the trails, try not to just stay in the middle of it; this will help freeze them up. We do not know the condition of the Lakes so I would not ride on them at all.